A MAN who attacked his girlfriend in a rage when he discovered she had sent naked photos to another man has been jailed.

A court heard that Richard Jervis had been in an open relationship with Elizabeth Kabiser for six months, where they were free to see other people.

Prosecutor Cathy Olliver said that Jervis flew into a rage when he found his girlfriend’s sexual conversations with another man on Facebook on April 23.

She said: “Jervis discovered Elizabeth had been sending pictures to another man, a notion he objected to despite the polyamorous relationship.”



She told Oxford Crown Court the 24-year-old had then thrown Miss Kabiser on the bed in the home they shared in Avocet Way, Bicester, before throttling her.

She said: “He throttled her until everything went black for her and she lost consciousness. He told her it was her fault for making him abusive and she told him she loved him, at which point he kicked her in the head.

“She tried to get out of the bedroom to call 999 but he seized her mobile and threw it at her head, where it broke instantly.”

Jervis dragged her out of the bedroom by the hair before she tried to flee from the home, Judge Kristina Montgomery heard on Monday.

Miss Olliver said Jervis pursued Miss Kabiser and threw her to the floor, breaking a tooth, before kneeling on her throat to silence her.

She added: “She managed to escape and ran to a neighbour. The neighbour, a 999 call operator used to emergency calls, was shocked to see the pretty girl covered in blood banging on her door for help. A policeman with her in hospital said it was impossible to make out her features and he had not seen injuries that bad for 10 years.”

Miss Olliver said that after the attack Jervis sent naked photos of his victim to her mum, sister and 70-year-old grandmother.

Jervis admitted wounding with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm and criminal damage relating to the broken phone in July.

He denied attempting to inflict grievous bodily harm and false imprisonment and the charges were left to lie on the file.

Claire Fraser, defending, said Jervis had never offended before and admitted his actions as soon as he was charged.

She said her client had been undergoing counselling and realised he should not have been in a relationship.

Jailing him for two years four months, Judge Montgomery said he had inflicted pain and humiliation and it was a miracle Miss Kabiser had escaped with severe swelling and a chipped tooth.

She added: “This will have had a life-changing effect. It was nothing short of a miracle that she suffered no fractures when you hit her face with such force.”