A DESIRE to look younger for longer has helped former dentist Dr Helen Hamilton’s business thrive.

Radiance Unlimited, a new clinic in the centre of Woodstock, offers botox injections, facial fillers and other non-surgical treatments.

Dr Hamilton, who was a partner in a London dental practice for 20 years, retrained as an aesthetic surgeon.

She said: “The reason these treatments are so popular is because they are less invasive than plastic surgery, cost less and have a much, much quicker recovery time.”

A similar type of business was started by Leah Totton, a cosmetic doctor who won The Apprentice TV show in 2013.

Treatments, including botox, which cost hundreds of pounds, have become more popular during the past decade, despite the economic gloom.

Dr Hamilton was operating out of rooms in a local beauty salon, before demand spurred her to move into bigger premises.

She added: “I quickly realised I wasn’t going to have enough space.

“Most of our clients are from within a four-mile radius of Woodstock but I also have clients from Newbury, the Cotswolds and Thame.

“A lot of patients I see were seeing practitioners in London.”

The basement of the building which houses the new clinic was excavated to create the main treatment room and Dr Hamilton has a team of three therapists working with her.

She said: “People don’t want to look as though they have had work done, they just want to look like a fresher version of themselves. Botox will always be a really popular treatment because done well, you can’t tell someone has had it.

She added: “Unfortunately, if it’s overdone, perhaps by someone who is not properly qualified, someone can end up not being able to move their face.”