A PIGEON has been freed from the former Co-op store in Bury Street, Abingdon, after concerned members of the public fed it through the door. 

The pigeon, named Abby by locals, has been trapped inside the shop since Monday. 

Taxi driver Colin Dobson said was first alerted to the trapped pigeon by one of his passengers on Tuesday. 

He said: “She must have got in through the back of the building or through the roof as I think there are some gaps in the bricks.”

According to Mr Dobson, concerned members of the public have ensured Abby’s wellbeing by slipping birdfeed through a small gap in the front doors.

He said:  “It’s extraordinary that people have gone to such efforts to save the life of a pigeon.

“In my eyes they are heroes.  

“Someone even bought a water pistol and squirted water through the doors, which is remarkable.”

The RSPCA and Thames Valley Police freed Abby this afternoon.