Charlotte Morley, Creation’s general manager, talks us through their summer season, outdoors

Shhh, say it quietly but do you think it might finally be summer? The bees in the churchyard next to our office are buzzing, it’s getting hard to find a seat in the pub garden and, the true harbinger of summer has arrived here at Creation – we start rehearsals for our open-air Shakespeare in the beautiful gardens of Lady Margaret Hall.

Now I love snuggling down in a dark and cosy theatre as much as the next person but at this time of year I start to get itchy feet for some al fresco cultural action. Luckily I couldn’t live anywhere more perfect than Oxford for that particular urge.

It feels an incredible privilege to be able to introduce our casts and audiences to the hidden gardens and courtyards of Oxford and this year we’ll be adding another to our repertoire with our first performance at St Hugh’s College. Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and a whole host of other frankly bonkers characters will be rustling about in the rose bushes there from mid-August.

This would probably be the moment to add a plea to the weather gods for a sunny summer and obviously that would be nice but I reckon we’re made of tougher stuff. Lots of events, like Creation, have an indoor back-up option to take shelter from the elements if need be but, as the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing.

Take a brolly, pack a mac and be prepared to dash for cover in a shower but don’t let a bit of drizzle dampen your spirits when there’s so much fun on offer.

There’ll be some familiar faces who’ve worked with Creation before, some with a connection to Oxford through university or family and others who’ve only ever passed through on a tour. And, for the next three months, Oxford will be their home. We’ll point them in the direction of Port Meadow for a picnic, we’ll try to teach them to punt and our wonderful audiences will make them feel right at home here. I can think of worse places to lay my hat while the sun shines.

* As You Like It, Lady Margaret Hall, July 28 to September 12

* Alice, St Hugh’s College, August 18 to September 13