A FORMER heroin addict died after taking an overdose of methadone and other medicines, an inquest heard yesterday.

Paul Milner, 49, was found dead at his home on William Lucy Way, Oxford, by a friend on Friday, March 13.

An inquest into his death at Oxford Coroner’s Court heard how he had been tackling his addiction with medicated methadone for several years.

Coroner Darren Salter read a statement from Mr Milner’s psychiatrist Dr Alistair Reid, in which he said: “Mr Milner had been on medications for many years.

“He has persistent mental psychological problems, best characterised as forms of personality disorder.”

He said Mr Milner was “well-engaged” with addiction services, but had been through a hard time just prior to his death, including the passing of his mother and the ending of a relationship.

Dr Reid’s statement concluded: “I was very saddened to hear of his death, particularly as he seemed to have been making good progress in the last few months.”

Pathologist Lucie Winter said she found 2.56mg of methadone per litre in Mr Milner’s blood, and also found codeine, paracetamol and insomnia medication Temazepam.

She said the combination of such medication had been lethal.

Mr Salter said the friend who had found Mr Milner at his home had also found a suicide note in which he apologised to several people for his actions.

Closing the inquest, he said the cause of death had been an overdose of drugs, and gave a conclusion of suicide.