A CAMPAIGN group in Littlemore has said it wants to tackle congestion, speeding, damage to vehicles and abusive drivers in Oxford Road.

Members of Oxford Road Action Group (ORAG) will meet with Oxfordshire County Council officer David Tole on Wednesday to raise their concerns.

Resident Chris Chaundy, a father of two, helped set up the Oxford Road Action Group.

The 35-year-old said a neighbour told him she had to replace three cars which had been damaged by vehicles speeding past.

He said: “One of those cars lost its door when a car came down the road.

“We went down every house and knocked on doors and discovered lots of people also had problems but were too busy to do anything about it.

“The issues we have got with the road is that we have got speeding, congestion and a lot of people have had drivers shouting at them.”

Mr Chaundy added: “What we are looking for is solutions in slowing down the traffic and looking at ways to control the amount of traffic that comes through.

“What we want to do is have some sort of survey and then look at better speed signage.

“If that does not work, we need to look at something else such as speed humps.”

They have been backed by Littlemore parish councillor David Henwood, who had his own car written off in the road two years ago.

There are already traffic calming measures such as chicanes in the road, which were installed about 10 years ago.

But residents have claimed they are no longer improving conditions.

Mr Henwood said: “The chicanes were put in at a time when the capacity and flow of traffic was much lower.

“But now we have had several extra buildings along that road it means more people are driving down it.”

He added: “The calming measures may actually cause more accidents.

“This particular road is the main artery for Littlemore and it is as if it is clogged with cholesterol.”

The group has set up a Facebook page where it has asked people to complete a survey saying whether they have experienced problems such as abusive drivers or damage to vehicles while they were parked in Oxford Road.

It is also giving away wheelie bin stickers with 20mph signs on them and has organised the meeting with Mr Tole at the bus stop in Oxford Road at 4pm on Wednesday.

Mr Henwood said he was hopeful a solution for the problems could be found.

He said: “I think we have got to get people around the table so we can get this sorted out.”

Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting with Mr Tole on Wednesday.