A CAMPAIGNER against child sexual abuse has called for Oxfordshire County Council’s outgoing chief executive to donate her £259,000 pay-out to the Operation Bullfinch victims.

It was announced on Friday that Joanna Simons, who has held the post of chief executive for 10 years, will quit in September.

Oxfordshire County Council attempted to make Ms Simons redundant in February this year as part of a restructuring to save money. If successful, the move would have seen her receive a £600,000 redundancy package.

But after Labour councillors threatened a judicial review of the decision, Ms Simons’ position was reinstated.

Marilyn Hawes, CHO of national charity Enough Abuse, criticised the authority’s planned payment of £259,000 to Ms Simons after her exit deal was agreed.

Ms Simons resisted campaigners’ calls to resign after the publication of the Bullfinch Serious Case Review in March.

The county council’s social services department was criticised for missing signs that victims were being exploited.

Mrs Hawes said: “If you were really accountable you would not take that money. If she does, I wonder how much she will put into giving these children therapy.

“She has got a feathered nest, but these young children have been brutally thrown out of theirs. Anyone else would have gone weeks ago.”

Yesterday leader Ian Hudspeth refuted the claim that the serious case review results played a role in Ms Simons’ leaving, saying: “It’s cost-cutting. It has got nothing to do with Bullfinch.”