AN OXFORD museum was transformed into a “dystopian future” over the weekend at the hands of teenagers across the county.

On Saturday pupils from Wood Green School in Witney and Didcot Girls’ School created a futuristic scene at the Story Museum in Pembroke Street, based on novels Divergent and The Hunger Games.

Divergent – a Veronica Roth novel in which a futuristic world sees its society divided into five factions –was the theme of the day.

The day featuring a quiz, screenings of the film and a tattoo parlour, concluded with a Nerf gun shootout.

Sunday’s activities were based on Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy, which has made it onto the big screen.

Created by teenagers for teenagers, the programme gave the opportunity to learn survival skills, find parachutes in a scavenger hunt and get dressed up for the Hunger Games’ famous opening ceremony.

Emma Harris, 14, pictured, from Didcot Girls’ School, said: “It opened up a new world of literature and showed me the reality of the working world.”

On Friday night the museum was transformed by the same students into a house of horrors with a Victorian Asylum theme.