IT WAS not just carbon emissions being cut as Low Carbon Oxford Week took to Broad Street.

Alongside bike stalls, solar panels and a low emission BMW supercar, sustainability group Bicester Green sawed wood to promote the work their centre does in recycling materials to make benches, sheds and tool boxes.

Volunteer Satomi Jardine-Iwakoshi said it was encouraging to see so many people take an interest. She added: “This is important for me as I’m interested in using materials and I just want to do my bit.”

As part of the week, sponsored by Oxford City Council, the Big Green Day Out aimed to encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint.

The Oxford Food Bank was also taking part, giving away free chocolate and lemon cake.

Co-ordinator Cathy Howard, from Didcot, said: “This is food that was for restaurants.

“We want to show we are passionate about not wasting food.”