NOTORIOUS spots used for sexual encounters on the A40 could have restrictions imposed to limit parking to 30 minutes.

The measures for two laybys at Forest Hill, between Oxford and Wheatley, have been proposed by Oxfordshire County Council in cooperation with Thames Valley Police.

But there are concerns it could prevent lorry drivers using the stops legitimately for breaks.

The restrictions have been proposed to tackle antisocial behaviour after reports that the stops and their public toilets were being used for sex.

County council deputy director for environment and economy Mark Kemp said in a report: “It is hoped that this restriction will assist police in dealing with the antisocial activities that have been reported in the laybys.”

Forest Hill and Shotover Parish Council clerk Claire Massey said people had raised concerns for years that the laybys were being used for sex, but feared the council’s response could negatively affect lorry drivers.

Under European Union rules, drivers must take a break, or multiple breaks, amounting to 45 minutes after no more than four hours and 30 minutes on the road.

The council’s proposed limit for parking is 30 minutes.

Dr Massey said: “We have had ongoing problems with people using the toilets at the lay-bys and it could affect those who use the cycle track next to it, including children.

“But while we feel 30 minutes is long enough to help prevent the antisocial behaviour we do not think it is long enough for lorry drivers to rest.”

She added lorries taking up large parts of the layby for long periods, or overnight, made it more difficult for people planning sexual encounters to park.

In his report to county council transport boss David Nimmo Smith, Mr Kemp said he had listened to the parish council’s concerns but still recommended the 30-minute limit.

He added: “While the regulations covering drivers’ hours do require a break of 45 minutes, this does not have to be in a single block.”

But Malcolm Bingham of the Freight Transport Association (FTA) said the 30-minute period was still not enough.

Mr Bingham, the FTA’s head of roads policy, said: “There is a limit on how long lorry drivers can be on the road before they are required to take a break, so it is not reasonable to keep shunting people along to other stops.

“It seems like someone has created a rule here that is going to punish people who have not committed a sin.”

The county council report said that the new parking rules would be enforced by Thames Valley Police. But force spokeswoman Charlotte Redman declined to comment further.

Mr Nimmo Smith will make a decision on the parking restrictions at a 10.30am meeting today, in County Hall.