THE world of comic books came to Oxford’s Story Museum as fans were given a chance to find out more about how their heroes come to life on a page.

The Phoenix Comic co-hosted the festival with the Pembroke Street museum on Saturday and Sunday.

Visitors were able to take part in comic workshops and storytelling and watch live shows, as well as being given the opportunity to meet some of the artists who create The Phoenix.

Matt Parton and his son Alex Turner, 11, travelled from London for the day to get involved.

Alex said: “Seeing all of my favourite comic creations and artists in the same place was amazing.

Mr Parton said: “Alex is obsessed with comics.

“He is into some old-style comics and also Van Doogan, which is one of the strips The Phoenix does.“They do their strips for about 10 episodes and the book he has is like a compilation.

“There was a series of workshops which showed visitors how the comic is laid out and put together and they had a digital session showing how that side of things worked. They had talks from different artists saying how they did things like coming up with villains, coming up with heroes and so on."

“And then the kids were just sort of able to hang out with each other and with the artists, like a mini Comic-Con.”