A TEENAGER has been left “inconsolable” after his limited-edition car was stolen and set alight.

Jamie Field, 18, had the Mini Metro for two years before it was taken from outside his home in Mark Road, Headington, overnight on Saturday.

The Cheney School pupil said the jet black car was one of only 1,000 made and one of just 10 of its kind registered in the UK.

It was found by police on Sunday burnt out in Bernwood Forest, near Oakley, on the Oxfordshire-Buckinghamshire border.

Car enthusiast Jamie said: “There was one owner before me and it had done less than 30,000 miles.

“Every weekend I would be out doing shows with the car.

“Everybody is just shocked that we’ve lost such a great car. It’s almost a piece of history.”

He said: “Unfortunately the Mini Metros weren’t the best built in the way of security so it doesn’t take much to break into one. Whoever stole it saw it as an easy bit of Saturday night fun.

“It’s destroyed something that I cherished and loved. There’s absolutely no excuse to take that from somebody.

“A whole community of car-lovers really saw its importance and now it’s gone.”

Jamie’s mother Tanya said: “It was Jamie’s complete pride and joy. He’s inconsolable. It was a very special car. He absolutely adored it. He’s got all the information and paperwork for it.”

A Mini enthusiast herself, Mrs Field said: “He even knows when it came off the production line at Longbridge. Without a shadow of a doubt somebody will know who’s done it. Bernwood Forest is in the middle of nowhere so they would have needed a second car to bring people back.

“The people who took it possibly don’t understand this car wasn’t just any old car. But at the end of the day you don’t take what’s not yours.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Thames Valley Police on 101.