A MOTHER whose son was refused a place at his two first choice primary schools says she now faces a 40-minute walk to the one allocated by Oxfordshire County Council.

The authority said on Thursday it allocated first preference places to 7,057 children out of 8,016, or 88 per cent, due to start school in September.

But Laura Fathers, of Abingdon, was told that she could not send son Archie, four, to any of the schools she had applied for.

Instead she has been offered a place at Thameside Primary School, which she said is at least a 40-minute walk from her home.

The 28-year-old of Beagle Close added: “It’s completely the opposite side to where I am. It’s very hard to get to. I’m really annoyed because there are so many other schools he could go to that are close enough for me to get him to.”

Part-time sales assistant Miss Fathers applied for places at Rush Common School in Hendred Way and Long Furlong Primary School in Boulter Drive.

She said she shares a car with her partner so would sometimes be unable to drive Archie to school and would not be happy relying on public transport.

Ms Fathers added: “It would still take quite a long time even if I do take public transport. It’s just a nuisance. To be placed on the completely opposite side of Abingdon is ridiculous.”

Miss Fathers, who has rejected the place offered and will appeal, said she will keep Archie at preschool until next September if she does not get a better offer. She fears he will struggle if he does not go to school with his friends.

She added: “I rely on other people to help me with childcare because I work. I think am I going to quit my job because it’s unfair getting other people to travel to the other side of Abingdon to get my child.”

Lucy Conder, 26, of Wantage, said she is considering moving home after her four-year-old daughter Kayleigh was not offered places at any of the family’s three preferred schools.

The hairdresser, of Naldertown, also mum to newborn Rosie, applied for places at Stockholm Primary, Charlton Primary and St James CofE Primary but was instead offered Wantage CofE School.

She said the school is a 20-minute walk from her home and she would be unhappy sending Kayleigh to a school she and her partner Lee Crook, 28, did not choose.

Oxfordshire County Council spokesman Paul Smith said: “More than 88 per cent of parents did get their first choice. For those who did not and are dissatisfied they have the right to appeal.”

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