SEWAGE overflowing at a block of flats in Barton has sparked anger from residents.

Waste from Hillside Court, in Barton, has been found flowing through the street due to the drainage system for the flats being unable to cope.

According to residents, not enough is being done to solve the problem, which they say is “totally unacceptable”.

Inna Osmane, who lives in Hillside Court and has a window above the leaking drain, said she liked where she lived but added the overflowing sewage was an “awful” problem.

The 45-year-old mother-of-two said: “The pipes cannot cope with the wipes and sewage in them. Two days ago I saw it getting cleaned up, but nothing seems to change.

“I feel I can’t open my window – the smell is awful.”

Mrs Osmane has lived in the flat for seven years and has two children Lawin, seven, and Linda, five, who attend Bayard’s Hill Primary School in Barton.

Barton Neighbourhood Centre secretary Sue Holden said the drains needed to be modified so that they could handle the amount of waste in them.

City councillor for Barton Van Coulter said the flooding was a persistent problem and was due to a “malfunctioning privately owned sewage pump”.

He added: “I reported the flooding at about 10am on Wednesday.

By 11.30am, I received an email to advise it would be inspected within eight hours.

“By noon I was advised a visit had been made, but at 7.30pm the flooding was continuing.

“I also noted a sewer on Stowford Road was flooding that street. At times the stink is intolerable.”

Labour city councillor for Barton and Sandhills Mike Rowley added that the problem had “never been as bad”.

He said: “I’ve requested that the leak is now treated as a public health emergency.”

Thames Water spokeswoman Sarah Sharpe said they were last called out to a problem at Hillside Court in February.

She added: “Our engineer noted a piece of sewage pumping equipment, not owned by Thames Water, was likely to be the cause of the problems.

“However, we will investigate further and have sent out a team to check the pipes for blockages.”

Letting agents Hutton Parker said the flats were owned by property company the Savvy Group.

Hutton Parker and the Savvy Group would not comment.