TORY Parliamentary candidate Nicola Blackwood is receiving support for her General Election campaign from pro-hunt group Vote-OK, she has confirmed.

The group has offered a team of volunteers to help Miss Blackwood defend a slim majority in Oxford West and Abingdon on May 7, with the hope of securing an ally in Parliament.

Miss Blackwood said her views on the Hunting Act had not changed since the last election and the Vote-OK volunteers only made up a small proportion of her support team.

Prime Minister and Witney MP David Cameron promised last month to hold a vote on repealing the 2005 Hunting Act if the Conservatives win the election.

Vote-OK has been targeting marginal seats where there is a chance of helping candidates sympathetic to their cause get into power.

Miss Blackwood said: “Out of several hundred volunteers from across Oxfordshire and further afield about 10 VoteOk volunteers have joined my teams delivering leaflets and canvassing local residents.

“My position on the Hunting Bill remains unchanged. It was introduced undemocratically using the Parliament Act and I fully support a Repeal Bill with a free vote so that a proper debate can happen.”

George Bowyer, national director of Vote-OK, said: “Nicola is of interest because Oxford West is a target seat.”

Asked what the group would hope to gain from helping candidates, he said: “We would hope they would support the same issues we do, but there is no contract.”

Tom Quinn, director of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “It’s a mistake for candidates to accept support from any pro-hunting group, because they are tying themselves to a policy which is unpopular.”

Sally Copley, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Oxford West and Abingdon, said: “The important thing is to take your lead from what constituents tell you rather than particular groups.”