WORK will soon begin on a set of new classrooms at Windmill Primary School.

Previously Oxfordshire County Council had been criticised by the school’s head teacher for not confirming when the project would start.

Staff and parents at the Headington school began a letter-writing campaign in January at the request of headteacher Lynn Knapp, who claimed the council were “fobbing” her off.

After more than 100 letters were sent to the council by parents, governors and staff members at the school, a new timetable for construction has been agreed.

Mrs Knapp said: “For us it means we will have a classroom for September.

“I’m very disappointed by the lack of communication that the county council, but we’re very happy now we have a response.”

In 2012 the county council agreed that Windmill Primary School would increase the number of pupils from 510 to 630.

Four classrooms will be built to house the extra 120 children and this will make Windmill the largest primary school in the county.

In a written response to the staff and parents, Oxfordshire County Council said: “While no absolutes can be guaranteed with the delivery timescales of any project in any industry, the commitment has been made to deliver the classrooms as required for the school to occupy in time for the start of the autumn 2015 term.”

Mrs Knapp added: “The classrooms will be constructed off-site and then put together at the school.

“So in reality we’ve done pretty well, as instead of a year’s disruption from building we’ll only have about four months.”