I would have expected to have agreed with Barry Lovell about the apparent illogical 50mph limits, current and planned, on many of our roads, including the emotionally-charged Oxford Eastern Bypass (Oxford Mail, February 23).

I agree that the knee-jerk reaction to the bypass accident that cost four lives resulted in an ugly, ill thought out concrete barrier that could dangerously propel crash traffic back into the road instead of safely keeping it away from other vehicles.

However, Mr Lovell has not thought through his argument.

For example, the 50mph limit on the A34 at Botley was introduced not to reduce accidents, but to cut noise for local residents.

It was considered a cheaper option than giving the road a quieter surface.

Working in the motor industry, mostly as a design engineer, for 41 years has taught me a little about the effect of speed on bypass noise.

I would suggest, for example, that the length of bypass between the infamous Green Road roundabout at Headington and a point just beyond Marston village should be reduced to 50mph, because of the excessive noise to residents.

I believe residents' rights to peace and quiet far outweighs the rights of drivers to unrestricted speed.

If you plan your journey properly, what is wrong with travelling at 50mph?

Think of the fuel cost saving and what it would do to drivers' stress levels.

Michael Heavey, Oxford Road, Oxford