PEOPLE with learning disabilities may get their own regular nightclub night after more than 200 danced away at Oxford's first such event.

It is hoped the next club night will be some time around Easter, after the success of the first night at the Stingray Club at Bar Risa in Hythe Bridge Street.

Disability advocacy charity My Life My Choice, which is run by and for people with learning difficulties, organised the event. It also marked the organisation's tenth anniversary.

Coordinator Mark Smyth said organisers had been unsure how successful the idea would be.

However, he said: "It was an amazing night. We had sold 100 tickets in advance, and thought perhaps we could get up to 150, but the queues outside 10 minutes before doors opened is testament to how popular it was.

"Half an hour later, over 230 people had passed through the doors and entered the Stingray Club.

"We are already planning the next event which we hope to hold some time after the Easter holidays at Bar Risa."

All eight DJs who played on the night were people with learning difficulties and one, Richard West, who has impaired hearing, used vibrations to mix the records.

There were also guest dancers and rappers as well as the band Musical Flares, which provided a live show for everyone.

Michael Dumper, who attended the night, said: "It was really good. There was all sorts of music and they played my favourite records - line dancing. And there was a boy who dressed up as Michael Jackson. He was really good and when he took of his mask, he was really sweating."

Another person who attended the club, Gary Butchart, said that he was looking forward to the next night. He said: "It's the first time I've been to a club and I really enjoyed it. The music was great and everyone was dancing - it was so hot."

People within Oxfordshire's learning disability NHS trust have praised My Life My Choice for organising the event.

Community nurse Emma Baross said the night provided an opportunity for people with learning disabilities to enjoy a good club night while having the right provisions in place to cater for their needs.

She said: "This was a great night as it allowed everyone to meet up with their friends from across the county and there was a really relaxed atmosphere.

"Also the night was good for social inclusion as it was open to people without learning disabilities to come along and by the end of the night, everyone was dancing."