Fans of Oxford writer Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy will have a strong picture in their heads of its heroine, Lyra.

They will be either delighted or disturbed by this photograph released by New Line Cinema, which is adapting the first book, Northern Lights, into a film called The Golden Compass, to be released just before Christmas.

The scene of Lyra (Dakota Blue Richards) and Lord Asriel (Daniel Craig) arguing in the gardens of Jordan College, Oxford, was filmed on location at Exeter College, Mr Pullman's alma mater.

The author's discussion about how the film is being made, with producer Deborah Forte at Oxford Town Hall on Saturday, March 24, is one of the highlights of the Oxford Literary Festival, of which Mr Pullman is a long-standing supporter.

This year's event has a star line-up, although novelist William Boyd has withdrawn due to a clash of commitments.

Last-minute additional speakers include the veteran politicians Tony Benn and Roy Hattersley. The latter will be talking about Buster's Secret Diaries, a book purportedly written by his dog. - for details, call 0870 343 1001.