Two great writers - and boozers - of modern times are brought to the stage in one-man shows from Bob Kingdom that visit Oxford next week. The performances at the Playhouse's Burton Taylor Studio will be a last chance to see shows that have enjoyed great success during 20 years of touring worldwide.

Long before the celebrated screen portraits by Toby Jones and the Oscar-winning Philip Seymour Hoffman, Kingdom was astonishing audiences with his uncannily accurate presentation of Capote. As one critic wrote: "Truman Capote - social butterfly, gossipmonger and faded novelist - is brought back from the dead in Bob Kingdom's brilliant one-man show, dropping names until those names drop him. Never lapsing into biography or lecture, this piece brings the later middle of the 20th century into sharp focus through Capote's slightly jaded eyes.

"His performance is scarily accurate; the wardrobe, the mannerisms, the camp, acerbic humour is precise. But this is so much more than impersonation, bringing a man who faded from view, from the fame he craved, as the world lost interest, back into the spotlight."

Kingdom, who shares Dylan Thomas's Welsh background, has been as highly praised for Dylan Thomas: The Return Journey. As one critic wrote: "The dry, wry, mischievous manner Kingdom absorbs from Dylan for the tales is bewitching. I could have listened to his spell-binding, word-winding wizardry there for hours."