Police have launched a campaign to wipe out graffiti in Bicester.

A team of police officers and council officials took to the streets searching for vandalism, graffiti and litter. Armed with clipboards and digital cameras, they hunted down and recorded problem areas to clean up as part of the new neighbourhood policing initiative.

And they found graffiti was by far the biggest issue - causing problems in 12 of the area's 13 worst hotspots.

Areas blighted by graffiti in Glory Farm and Langford Village were Murdock Road, Sunderland Drive, Town Walk West, Arkwright Road and the skate park near Manston Close.

Meanwhile, the town centre has also come in for attack, with graffiti in Garth skate park, Chalvey Road, Old Place Yard, the alleyway from London Road to Langford Village and the Crown Walk service yard.

Neighbourhood sergeant Steve Birchall said: "I would urge the community to be vigilant about who is doing this graffiti. If we can catch those responsible we will prosecute them.

"We also have the power to search for items in connection with criminal damage - we can search for cans and paint. There's no two ways about it - people will get prosecuted."

Mr Birchall said police had also received several tip-offs by email from members of the public alerting them to other trouble areas, which would also be cleaned up.

Police community support officer Alex Lockeok said: "We now have the power to deal with £80 fixed penalty notices for criminal damage - that covers graffiti."

Officers promise the blitzes, or 'environmental audits', will be carried out in each of Bicester's three neighbourhoods at least every three months.