Ramraiders who attempted a daylight robbery on a jewellers fled empty-handed when the shop window failed to break.

Three men in balaclava helmets reversed a dark blue Honda Civic into the new Michael Jones shop in Banbury High Street today, before attacking the shop window with axes.

But, when the glass held firm, the robbers were forced to speed off in a silver-coloured getaway car, chased by police.

An eye witness said: "The blue car and the silver vehicles arrived together. I thought it was odd because it's a pedestrianised area and cars are not normally seen here in the day time.

"The blue car rammed Michael Jones' window but the glass only cracked and did not break.

"Two men in balaclavas got out and uses axes on the window, but still could not get through. They gave up as the police arrived and drove off at high speed, up the High Street, followed by a police van.

"The street was full of shoppers. It's a wonder no-one was hurt."

No-one from Michael Jones was able to comment.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.