It looks highly likely that the fanatics of the Animal Liberation Front are up to their old tricks again.

There were hopes that after tougher laws were introduced to combat the menace of fire bombs and arson attacks, its activities would tail off.

But yesterday, two incendiary devices were found at Templeton College, Kennington, raising the spectre of a renewed campaign by the lunatic fringe of the animal rights movement.

Thankfully, they did not go off and they were made safe by a bomb disposal team.

Although there was no official confirmation last night, the devices were almost certainly planted by the ALF in protest at Oxford University's new animal testing laboratory in South Parks Road.

The new laws appear to have deterred some of the extremists in the animal rights' movement.

They now know, if caught, they face much tougher sentences than in the past.

But yesterday's attack suggests there is still a hardcore of maniacs who are prepared to risk killing and maiming innocent people in their quest for so-called animal justice.

The message must be to stay alert, report anything suspicious and, as a community, whatever the rights and wrongs of the animal testing debate, try to identify those responsible for these bombing outrages.