OUR hearts go out to Imran Khan after his emotional plea for help to find his mother’s killer.

There can be few things more tragic than losing a loved one in such awful circumstances, and then never learning why.

But it is a tribute to Thames Valley Police that they are not giving up in the search for whoever murdered Nasreen Akhtar 20 years ago today.

And they would not be renewing their appeal if they didn’t think someone out there could hold vital evidence that can help restart a long-dormant investigation.

If there is someone reading this who knows, deep down, that they could provide some clues, but is too afraid to come forward, we would urge them to search their consciences.

The devastating impact on this family will never be reversed, but finding Nasreen’s killer could finally bring them closure.

As the head of the force’s Major Crime Investigation Review Team Peter Beirne said, a lot can change in 20 years.

Those who once thought they must remain silent because of loyalty or solidarity may be completely different people now. Forensic science, too, has also completely changed in 20 years.

Mr Khan’s message to whoever committed this terrible crime is: “It is only a matter of time before you are caught and we will never give up.”