AUCTIONEER Ivor Bowden cajoled atomic energy staff to part with money at a lunch in 1978 to support Red Cross famine relief work. One of the items on sale was a giant pumpkin. Sixty people attended and nearly £70 was raised.

Oxford Mail:

Bobby Watkins enjoys a peek at the stars

A DRAINPIPE was converted into a telescope by Mr W Hardwick and Mr R Cambray for use by children at the village primary school in 1966. Pupil Bobby Watkins stands on a chair to gaze at the heavens.

Memory Lane this week

Oxford Mail:

Pauline Wicks and David Hession enjoy the Hallebaloojah

VILLAGERS held a ‘Hallebaloojah’ in 1975 to show off their talents at arts and crafts, gardening, music and sport. Archer Pauline Wicks watches as David Hession practises darts.