I WAS amused (bemused?) to read a recent letter from a Green Party supporter bemoaning the impact on the environment and the detriment to the landscape that he feared would result from long needed local transport improvements.

Would that be the same Green Party that looks with self-satisfaction on acres of solar panels blighting our once beautiful fields; the same that campaigns for endless ugly forests of wind turbines on once stunning open moorland?

Surely not they who carelessly vandalise the riverside to make room for industrial but useless hydro turbines?

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And is it they who still promote the scientifically bankrupt, politically motivated “manmade global warming” fraud, which will cost us all (on the Government’s own figures) in excess of £18,000,000,000 a year for the next 40 years, and all in the cause of “solving” a problem that doesn’t exist?

I think it most certainly is.


Steventon Road,