CHILTERN Railways’ decision to rename Bicester Town station as Bicester Village is nothing other than a marketing ploy to promote the new link from London Marylebone to Oxford, with the outlet village likely to be their biggest money spinner.

All the other reasons they have quoted treat the Bicester people like the (village) idiots they think we are.

So, Chiltern Railways, let me tell you something useful.

Public transport users are cleverer than you think, and can find their way to a waxworks museum without you having to rename Marylebone ‘London Madame Tussauds’.

Everyone has to do some research before every journey to find the bus stop, underground station or train station nearest to wherever they want to go.

People from Birmingham will still have to work out that they need to get off at Bicester North to get to the Outlet Village. Londoners will be able to get here without Marylebone being renamed as ‘London for Bicester Village’.

I’m surprised that Chiltern Railways has not decided to rename Bicester North as Bicester Village as well, they think people don’t come here for any other reason.

Bicester Town is part of our town’s identity. Chiltern Railways is only the current train operator for these routes, and the outlet village is only a business which could change its brand name in the future.


South Meadow,