THESE adorable pups couldn’t have more fun as they bonded with each other as they embark on their journey to help those in need.

The Very Important Puppies, all aged 12 or 16-weeks-old, bounded into the ‘puppy crèche’ to meet each other and socialise ahead of their first classes at at Dogs for the Disabled’s Oxfordshire HQ.

They are looked after by volunteers for the first year of their lives, after which they will begin training as assistance dogs, transforming the lives of adults and children with disabilities and children with autism.

Oxford Mail:

Newton has fun in the puppy creche

Volunteer socialisers Blair and Rachel Locklin, of Kennington Road, Oxford, came along with their ‘fostered’ golden Labrador, Newton.

Mr Locklin said: “Rachel saw videos of the impact assistance dogs have on the lives of disabled people. Puppy socialising seemed a great way of being helpful and finding out how we would get on with a puppy for a year.

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“I think I’m going to be the most unpopular dad in the world when we give Newton back in a year’s time.”

The puppies come from a variety of sources, including donors and professional breeders.

Dog supply manager Chris Allen said: “We’re really pleased with the puppies. They’ve had great fun in the puppy crèche, meeting and playing with their brothers and sisters as well as other pups.

Oxford Mail:

Volunteer Judy Lunt shows some affection to Yendal 

“They’ve clearly made a good start on listening to their socialisers and learning obedience, and they’re already displaying great confidence in an unfamiliar environment.”

Dogs for the Disabled is based at Blacklocks Hill in Banbury.

To find out more about puppy socialising and to get involved, visit