DEPUTY Prime Minister Nick Clegg visited Abingdon this afternoon to launch the Liberal Democrats' campaign for the General Election.

The Oxford West and Abingdon constituency is a marginal seat - lost to the Conservatives in 2010 - and party officials hope to snatch it back this year.

Liberal Democrats leader Mr Clegg was joined by the party's local prospective parliamentary candidate, Layla Moran, and its "battle bus", which will tour the UK.

Mr Clegg told a crowd of supporters at Albert Park: "I'm delighted to be here on the first day of campaign. 

"People have made a lot of sacrifices since the crash of 2008, but the good news is that it is now paying off.

"Ours is a simple alternative to the Conservatives and Labour: We will cut less than the Tories and borrow less than Labour."

Miss Moran told the Oxford Mail: "We are confident we can take this seat back.

"We accept support has slipped in other parts of the country but here that has not happened."