Seeing your GP is about to take on a whole new meaning thanks to the wonders of technology.

And the news that people in Oxfordshire could soon have video and even email appointments with their doctors has met with mixed responses.

Of course anything that cuts waiting times is to be welcomed, but former GP Patricia White is right to warn that some people might feel worried.

The human touch is especially important when people are feeling vulnerable, embarrassed or unwell.

And it could be difficult for some people to express themselves fully if they are sending an email, rather than having a conversation with another person.

Older people in particular may struggle to get to grips with new forms of technology – and hopefully won’t put off contacting their doctor as a result.

But it could have the opposite effect of allowing people to make more convenient appointments that don’t require them to even leave their homes.

It’s unlikely funding for the health service is going to dramatically increase whoever wins the General Election, so innovative solutions to problems need to be found.