GNOME matter what they looked like, staff at a Frilford garden centre donned fancy dress to help raise funds for charity.

Customers of the Millets Farm garden centre in Kingston Road were greeted and served by life-size gnomes on national Garden Re-Leaf day yesterday.

Staff dressed up in costumes in a bid to raise cash for Greenfingers gardening charity, that supports children in hospices by helping look after and create gardens.

Life-size gnome and staff member Sharon Hyde, 55, said: “Dressing up as gnomes is for children in need so that they can get involved in gardening. Children who are deprived without gardens will get the opportunity to try out their green fingers.

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“I am dressed up as happy go lucky go gnome.”

All staff at the garden centre have been collecting for charity, as well as donating from their own pockets. The shop is also selling many items with a percentage of proceeds going to Greenfingers charity, such as roses and Town and Country gloves.

Shop retail manager Nigel Reef said: “It has been pretty good fun; we are just trying to drum up donations in every way.

“The idea came from head office after last year we did an event for Cancer Research UK, where we dressed all in pink. It was sprung on us the other week to come in dressed as gnomes.

“The idea was to find our own outfits.

“We try to do a lot of charity events and are looking to do more as it is fun for the staff and for our customers.”