THREE Oxfordshire dads clocked up an “agonising” 200 miles in one day on static bikes to raise funds for a unique county organisation that helps their disabled children.

Julian Tranter, Andy Kelly and Pete Hinde took on the six-hour challenge on static bikes at Sainsbury’s Heyford Hill store in Oxford last Saturday. They found out yesterday they had raised £625 as generous shoppers dropped change into buckets.

The money will go to the Footsteps Foundation, which helps parents pay for physiotherapy for their children at Dorchester-on-Thames’ Footsteps Centre.

The centre uses unique equipment to give children with a range of disabilities physiotherapy to help them walk, talk and lead a normal life.

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Julian Tranter’s five-year-old daughter Emilia was born with a unique chromosome disorder which doctors had never seen before and which therefore has no name.

She struggles to walk and move and has muscle weakness.

But a piece of equipment called ‘the spider’ enabled her to walk for the first time.

The spider is a huge harness which supports youngsters using bungee cords connected to a frame.

Andy Kelly’s son Toby was left with severe disabilities after contracting meningitis before his first birthday, and also gets physiotherapy at Footsteps.