WITH reference to Councillor Tanner’s letter (March 20), can he prove that the Labour Party can save the NHS beyond all reasonable doubt?

I doubt it.

If it could, they would have during their 13 years in office between 1997 and 2010.

Instead, PFI continued with a vengeance.

Indeed, the Labour Party during that time did very little to reverse the damage Maggie Thatcher did during her reign with her employment and anti-trade union laws.

The indigenous population have faithfully paid into the NHS over the years to ensure treatment is free for them at the point of delivery and time of need. So it is only fair that until they have paid National Insurance for five years, visitors to the UK and migrants have NHS-approved private health insurance as a condition of entry.

It would save the NHS £2bn a year, making it possible to spend £200m of the £2bn saving to end hospital car parking charges.

After my son’s liver transplant, he was regularly an outpatient at a Bournemouth hospital but still had to pay to park his car. A disgrace.

But outside of the EU, we can save £55m a day, enabling £3bn a year extra into the NHS.

In response to Ann Duncan’s letter (March 19), net immigration would still implicate very considerable encroachment into the Green Belt.

There is no question of that.

Is this what we really want in the long term? Most will agree with the detail in your last paragraph.

It is also a disgrace there are so many empty houses, but what would the Green Party do to overcome the restrictions imposed on us in Britain by the EU?

And don’t say, or deny, that it is not because of the EU and their directives.

What UKIP is proud of is its straight talking.

General Election? Bring it on!

JOHN MADEN (UKIP, Oxford West and Abingdon) Montagu Road, Botley, Oxford