A RECENT edition of the Oxford Mail had four articles about our roads, one of these saying that the Oxfordshire County Council is “anxious to keep transport moving”, which the other articles proved was a problem.

Headley Way is a nightmare for residents and road users alike. It was never made for this amount of traffic. There are five hospitals in Headington, three nursing homes, four schools, not to mention Brookes and their student accommodation complexes, which will expand again when the Wheatley Campus is brought here.

Something simply must be done as at various times of day traffic is building up, nose to tail, all the way up Headley Way, Marsh Lane, over the flyover bridge and sometimes queues form down the Northern Bypass.

Cars are allowed to park on the downside of Headley Way only.

But if a bus, ambulance or lorry are using this road up or down, the other traffic coming opposite to them has to wait for those vehicles to pass, as there is no room for them to go otherwise.

What is the solution? The road needs to be wider. How? There is a higher footpath all along by the houses on the down side of the road.

Perhaps the lower footpath should be demolished thus either making way for cars to park there, and widen the road, or prohibit any parking on Headley Way.

Where is the traffic going from the new estate of Barton Park?

The roads in Northway Estate are only narrow residential ones, and lead on eventually to the bottom of Headley Way too. What are the planners planning? Total gridlock?

None of our roads were built for the enormous lorries we see now, we are only a little island.

Incidentally, Derwent Avenue is a bus route leading onto Headley Way and is in dire need of repairs.

I have lived in the road for 56 years and the last time anything was done was about 40 years ago when “The Lakes” were tarred and grit spread, as a top surface only.

ALISON B PARKINSON Derwent Avenue Headington Oxford