NEIGHBOURHOOD bobbies across the county will have the chance to be recognised in the Community Policing Awards 2015.

The award means residents can nominate an officer, staff member or volunteer who has made a difference to their community over the past year.

Police officers, staff and volunteers are also able to nominate their colleagues.

Last year’s Oxfordshire community officer of the year was Pc Dawn Evans, who works in the Barton, Risinghurst and Sandhills police team.

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She is also part of the Kingfisher Team, which works with children across the county who are at risk or victims of sexual exploitation.

Her work on community crimes, including a racial assault on a local shopkeeper and drug dealers at a local pub, was mentioned in her nominations.

She said: “I was very honoured to receive nominations. To then actually win the award for Oxfordshire was an absolute shock.

I truly appreciate the recognition for my efforts.

“Receiving the award has boosted my confidence in my daily life and has proved to me that my hard work is appreciated.”

Pc Evans, who joined Thames Valley Police in 2000, was described as “well respected, committed, supportive and dedicated”

in the nominations from both members of the public and her colleagues.

She has encouraged people to nominate their local policing staff for the 2015 awards, and said: “The awards highlight the relentless effort the neighbourhood teams go to on a daily basis to focus and deal with the long term issues affecting peoples quality of life.

“It’s not all about whizzing around in police cars and jumping out and arresting people, but finding out the root of the problem and looking at ways to resolve the issues long term.

“Nominations can really boost morale and highlight the invaluable work neighbourhood policing achieves on a daily basis and ensuring this is continually recognised nationally.”

Nominations for the awards close on April 27 and a team of judges will announce the final winners on June 29.

Nominations can be made through the Thames Valley Police website.

For more information, visit