STREET names for the new Barton Park development have raised fears about the new and existing communities becoming divided.

Barton and Northway residents have the chance throughout March to put forward possible names for the 35 streets that will be a part of it.

But suggestions for the main road running through the new development, the “primary street” have already split opinions.

Barton Park Road, New Barton Road, North Barton Way and Brook Road are some of the ideas put forward.

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At a Barton Community Partnership meeting, Oxfordshire county councillor Glynis Phillips and Barton Community Association trustee Rodney Shepherd raised their concerns over the name “Barton Park Road.”

They said if the road was named after Barton Park then it could “split the community” as residents may feel Barton was divided into two areas, rather being one community.

They added that residents needed to get “more involved” in the naming.

Mrs Phillips said that the community didn’t want to become divided and that it was vital the naming of the streets was right.

She added: “This is a great opportunity for existing residents to influence the street names in the new development.”

The Barton Park development will see 885 homes built, along with a new primary school and a community shopping centre.

Work is due to begin to the west of Barton at the end of spring.

For other areas of the estate, names with a Roman flavour have been put forward as well as others linked to the car industry.

Suggestions include Caligula or Caesar Close, Lucius Lane or Augustus Avenue. Flowerthemed names such a Tulip End, Snowdrop Turn and Springtime Street have been given as examples to get residents thinking.

A total of 35 roads need to be named and the city council’s street name and numbering team – led by business development and support manager Liz Godin – will make the final decision.

City council leader Bob Price added that the integration of Barton Park with the surrounding neighbourhoods was of “great importance”. He hoped residents would be involved in shaping its “future identity”.

The best suggestions will be put to the city council to decide after the deadline on March 31.

  • Residents can submit their ideas to the city council by emailing or texting 07767 318274 with BARTON SNN and then the idea. There are also ballot boxes at the Barton Neighbourhood Centre.