PLANS for Barton Park estate to be a controlled parking zone have concerned residents, who think the situation could turn into a “nightmare”.

The Barton Park development, which will see 885 homes built west of Barton, will begin in the spring.

A report to Oxford City Council’s east area planning committee last month proposed that Barton Park should be a controlled parking zone (CPZ) to prevent unauthorised commuter parking.

But residents on neighbouring estates believe this will increase thenumber of cars being parked in their roads, where there is no CPZ.

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The new homes are being built by Barton Oxford LLP, a partnership of the city council and Grosvenor, which has proposed the controlled parking zone.

Oxford Mail:

Work on Barton Park will begin in the spring.

Oxfordshire County Council is supporting the plan for the Barton Park CPZ and says it would be “appropriate” for the new development.

Mick Beesley, who lives in nearby Bayswater Road, said Barton already suffered from commuter parking.

The Barton United chairman added: “There will be a problem when people come to visit relatives in the new estate and can’t park because of the restrictions.

“It means people will come across to the place that isn’t a controlled parking zone and cause congestion. I do not know what the answer is.

“The hospitals are nearby so commuter parking is common – it’s a problem across Oxford.”

Barton Neighbourhood Centre secretary Sue Holden echoed Mr Beesley’s concerns.

“It’s causing great concern. You can see it could be a nightmare as there are already parking issues and it will be harder to cope with even more.

“If you look at Barton Village Road, which is the main bus route, if more cars start parking there it will cause major problems.

“They need to think long and hard about what they are planning to do.

“Some people will be supportive of the CPZ, especially people living in the new development, but those in the current estate are unhappy about it.”

According to the report the number of parking spaces for each phase of building will be decided at each meeting, before being passed.

But the transport assessment suggested a total of 1,653 bays to serve 885 homes.

County council spokesman Dominic Llewellyn-Jones added: “The existing Barton estate will be monitored and the council will consider what options may be required in the future.”

Oxford city councillor for Barton Mike Rowley said he opposed to the new estate being a CPZ unless the old estate was made one too.

He added that there was no room for extra parking in the old estate.

And Van Coulter, who is also a city councillor for Barton, added: “My view is that we’re at a stage requiring that all of Oxford is a controlled parking zone.

“Going area by area simply causes the problem of inconsiderate parking to ripple to the next uncontrolled area.”