BUSINESS owners in Risinghurst have complained that their parking spaces are being taken up by commuters.

Store owners at shops in The Roundway say something needs to be done to reduce the number of drivers parking in the road for long periods where there are no restrictions.

The traders have called for parking regulations to be implemented, as well as more space for customers so they can get easy access to their businesses.

Selma Harb, who has owned The Roundway Pharmacy for nine years, said she thought drivers were parking there and then commuting to other areas.

She added: “It is worse now than it was nine years ago – some people do park here and go off to London, because it is free.

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“It would be nice if more parking spaces could be made, it would be great if there could be more spaces available to prevent the congestion out there.”

One of Ms Harb’s employees, Carly Gee, agreed, adding: “People use it and then get a London bus and go to work, which means there isn’t enough space for people going to the shops.

“The grassed-over area nearby isn’t being used so that could be made into a place for proper parking bays.”

Headington Newsagent owner Roop Singh said there should be dedicated parking for shops.

Mr Singh said: “There are always a lot of cars parked outside, but not that amount of people in the shops.

“My deliveries are affected as the lorry can’t park anywhere because there are cars parked here all day.

“I have to pay an excess if they can’t park and deliver and its about £180 to get the delivery lorry to come back.

“It has had a direct impact on my own business, it’s a big problem for us and I think there should be some sort of system that people can only park here for free for a period of time.”

Recent roadworks to the Green Road roundabout also affected the shops, according to Headington Bathrooms owner Neil Bolton, who said it lost him about “£150,000 in walk-in trade”.

Mr Bolton, who moved to The Roundway 26 years ago said: “I think there should be a time limit for people who park here.

“We can spend up to two to three hours with customers but there should be a limit.

“When we bought this shop 26 years ago it was a good position and at the time there was sufficient parking.

“We get lots of deliveries and it makes it hard for them to off load here.”

Roz Smith, Oxfordshire county councillor for Headington, said commuter parking at The Roundway shops was a “growing problem”.

She added: “I think the county council should organise a consultation with the residents, businesses and Risinghurst Parish Council to discuss the best way to overcome the problems with parking, both short-term and long-term.”

Oxfordshire County Council did not respond to our requests for a comment.