A LONG-AWAITED rising bollard aimed at restricting High Street traffic in Kidlington has finally been installed and is set to be switched on.

Cherwell District Council said it is “hopeful” the much-delayed bollard will be operational from next week.

It has been installed in High Street near Barclays bank to enforce the two year-old pedestrianisation scheme.

The one-way section towards Oxford Road relied on drivers obeying a sign, limiting traffic between 10am to 4.30pm. This is frequently ignored.

The work was funded by the district council but required a sign-off from Oxfordshire County Council, which led to delays.

District council spokeswoman Jemma Callow said: “The bollard has been installed and was due to be commissioned this week to get it in working order. However, there have been issues with contractor availability, and as such, the commissioning has not taken place.

“But we are hopeful that this will happen next week.”

Kidlington Parish Council chairman David Betts – who has long-called for the bollard – said: “I’m very pleased that it’s there. I hope it helps trade. It has been a long time coming.”