Looking back on past Olympic records, our future Olympians could do well to follow the example of Sir Roger Bannister and nine times gold medal winner Carl Lewis, who along with many of today’s top athletes, live on a strict plant-based diet.

The statistic commonly ignored by ‘health experts’ is that the healthiest and longest living human communities on Earth do not eat anything from an animal (source; BBC TV’s Horizon).

We have the long winding intestines found in vegetarian animals like our biological cousin the Gorilla – a powerful example of living entirely on plants. This comes at a time when processed meat companies were ironically sponsoring the Olympic Games in defiance of the evidence stacked against the pro-meat propaganda awash throughout the media from the multi-billion pound meat industry.

If the UK government wishes to address the issue of starvation in the world, it should be encouraging everyone to return to our original human status as a plant eating species, instead of fighting against nature and wasting billions of tons of food and water on farm animals.

Nature reflects the evidence that all the biggest and strongest, and certainly the most sexually reproductive animals on Earth, live entirely on plants.

One can only assume that famine relief charities, and the government, are being sponsored by the animal farming industry to promote the idea that it is financially viable to ‘send a cow to Africa.’ All the facts would point to this being a ridiculous concept where people can hardly feed themselves, let alone look after and feed animals.

Hugh Manning, Great Claredon Street, Oxford


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