PEOPLE passionate about their neighbourhood have begun to set out their priorities to take control of what goes on in their area.

Residents in Headington are now making plans for how to tackle planning and transport after securing a neighbourhood plan.

Now dedicated groups have been established to formulate ideas to improve the area, and it is hoped they could spark off some ambitious visions for the area - from tackling school places to even creating a community cinema.

County councillor for Headington and Quarry, Roz Smith, pictured, said: “It was quite well attended, but perhaps there needs to be something radical planned or proposed to get Headington residents really excited and involved.

“A project manager has been appointed, but if the plan is to work properly there needs to be some enthusiastic input from all who live and work in Headington.

“Sub groups to work on policy ideas were set up at the meeting.

“I am already working with the transport group and agreed to join the group looking at local education.

“There is tremendous pressure for places at our nurseries and primary schools.

“Just look at how many could not get a place at Windmill or St Andrews this September.”

“I would like the Headington plan to have some ambitious aims.

“For instance, how about a community cinema for Headington? What local planning policies could be put in place to protect our pubs from closure? What can be provided for young people to enjoy and where?”

Around 40 people attended the meeting this week to discuss ideas on how to take their strategy forward.

They were presented with ideas from Oxford Brookes planning students, after the City Council Executive Board approved the designated area for the neighbourhood plan.