AFTER seeing the tragedy of the collapse of a Bangladesh factory a year ago, former charity worker Andy Showell-Rogers got rid of all of his clothes and pledged only to wear Fairtrade items.

More than 1,100 workers died when the Rana Plaza building collapsed on April 24, 2013, and the disaster exposed the poor conditions third world garment workers were made to work under. Touched by the tragedy, Mr Showell-Rogers, 33, and a friend changed the way they dressed and are now hoping to start their own ethical clothing brand.

Oxford Mail:

The Wheatley resident of Roman Road, above, said: “Prior to that we had not paid massive attention to fair treatment of workers at all.

“But we decided to align our buying habits with our true values.’’ The dad-of-two, and friend Andy Lower, donated all their clothes to charity and built a new wardrobe out of items they knew had been made and sold fairly. Mr Showell-Rogers launched a bid to raise £10,000 to kickstart the ethical clothing business on the anniversary of the building collapse.

Last night more than £3,450 had been pledged to help get the firm going.

He said the new online clothing brand, called Visible, had three principles — visible costs, visible people, and visible impact.

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