CITY councillors will meet tomorrow to discuss the Headington Neighbourhood Plan.

Residents aim to put together a plan that will set out how they want to see their area develop – but first their neighbourhood boundaries must be approved by Oxford City Council’s executive board.

The proposed boundaries stretch from the ring road in the east to South Park in the west and from the John Radcliffe Hospital in the north to the Churchill Hospital in the south.

City council senior planning officer Sarah Harrison has approved of the proposed boundaries but the final decision has to be made by the board.

She said: “The ward boundary of Headington was not felt to be an adequately representative boundary of the local community. The neighbourhood forum has put a lot of work into attempting to draw up a suitable boundary.

“The proposed area is justified, as required by the regulations, and also meets other requirements of the regulations such as excluding parished areas. There is also evidence of local support for the proposed area.”

A decision on the boundaries will be made by the board at a meeting at 5.30pm in the Town Hall.