A new group for vegans and vegetarians is to open in Witney.

Meet and Veg will encourage members to pass on meat-free recipes and discuss how to cope with the diets.

It will also be open to people who want to cut down on eating meat.

Member Jen Marks said there had been a “sea change in public attitudes” since the Vegan Society was set up 70 years ago to promote the philosophy of “non-dairy vegetarians”.

She said: “As most people are naturally opposed to unnecessary violence, becoming and staying vegan is not a matter of changing any of our basic moral beliefs.

“It simply requires us to be willing to change the habits we have developed that prevent us from living according to our principles. By making changes that do not involve any great sacrifices, we can make the decision to live consistently with our values.

“The rewards are a healthier body, clearer mind and more peaceful conscience.”

The group will meet on the first Monday each month at Newland Church, part of High Street Methodist Church, at 7pm and on the third Saturday of each month at the Eden Cafe, Market Place, at 1pm.