THERE is a new social group in Witney for vegans, vegetarians and those thinking about it.

We meet on the first Monday evening of the month at Newland Chapel and on the third Saturday at The Eden Café in Witney Market.

The Vegan Society celebrates its anniversary this November and, 70 years on, there is a sea change in public attitudes taking place. ‘Meet & Vega’ aims to build on this momentum and encourage people to wake up to the harm done by consuming animal products. Switching to a plant-based diet is kinder to animals, our health and to the environment.

Veganism is not a fringe philosophy — it is a moral baseline that is consistent with beliefs that most of us already hold. Veganism is a simple matter of refraining from participating in unnecessary and harmful use of sentient beings.

As most people are naturally opposed to unnecessary violence, becoming and staying vegan is not a matter of changing any of our basic moral beliefs. It simply requires us to be willing to change the habits we have developed that prevent us from living according to our principles.

If you are interested in the benefits of a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, come along to our next Monday evening meet or join us for our next Saturday lunch at the Eden Café. We run a monthly stall and will also have a display in Witney Library for National Vegetarian Week.

You can find us on Facebook or Twitter.

Jen Marks, Foxburrow Lane, Hailey