SOME of the Cycletopia vision is reaching for the sky but then this is surely the ideal moment to throw that aspirational wishlist out there.

Recently Ian Hudspeth unveiled some of his ideas for a radical overhaul of Oxford and Oxfordshire’s transport system and therefore is a network of cycling freeways so unrealistic compared to a monorail on parts of the ring road?

We applauded Mr Hudspeth’s bravery in putting such ideas in the public domain to kickstart the discussion and the same applies to this arm of campaign group Cyclox.

It is very much a process because these idealistic ideas will lead to thorough debate and then realistic projects can be implemented.

There is clearly a continental flavour to the overall thrust of Cycletopia’s vision, particularly the freeways.

Some of our cycling lanes are nothing less than sections of the road lined off from traffic and problems arise when the two streams merge after a short distance.

Properly separating cyclists and motorised vehicles does make a lot of sense, particularly as it may help remove some of the antipathy that clearly exists between the two groups.

A move to a blanket 20mph zone enveloping the city though is likely to be a step too far, even though in many ways it would be the easiest to achieve.

But the discussion starts now...