A MYSTERY vandal has been slashing car tyres and causing thousands of pounds worth of damage in Charlbury.

Police are now appealing for help in catching the culprit after four cars were vandalised last week.

Market Street resident Guy Ker, 57, said it was the fourth time in 12 months his car had been targeted and he had already paid out £1,000 in repairs.

He said: “I moved from central London, where I lived virtually crime-free for 20 years, to the Cotswolds, and I have now had more crime reference numbers in 12 months than in the rest of my life.

“Whoever is responsible needs to be caught. It’s dangerous and reckless.”

He added: “It has cost me £1,000 so far in repairs and nearly caused a fatal accident when I drove off once without realising my tyre had been spiked.”

Mr Ker said the repair garage had found four separate stab holes in the side of a tyre, which he believes must have been done by scissors or a sharp spike. He also said: “Someone is really seething and walking around at night which is not a nice thought.”

Two car tyres were slashed or let down in Market Street last week, along with cars in Jeffs Terrace and Nine Acres Lane. Police say the crimes happened between Wednesday, April 9, and Friday, April 11.

Thames Valley Police spokesman Chris Kearney said there were two incidents where tyres were damaged in Brown’s Lane in August last year.

He said a tyre was slashed in Market Street in December and another in the road in January.

Chipping Norton area Pcso Wesley Smith appealed for help in catching the vandal. He said: “Vehicles in Market Street, Thames Street and Nine Acres Lane have had tyres slashed again.

"This is not the first time this has happened and police would like to hear from you if you have any further information.

“Please contact your local neighbourhood team on 101 and with your help we can catch the culprit.”