TONY Blair may be responsible for many things but contrary to the contention of P. Howard (April 14), taking the UK into the EU is not one of them.

Tory PM, Edward Heath, did that in 1973 and in 1975 the Labour Government of Harold Wilson held a national referendum on continued membership which resulted in a two-thirds ‘yes’ majority. Interestingly, Labour did not take a yes or no position at the time, while Tories and Liberals (as they were then) campaigned for a yes vote.

Moving forward to 1992, the Maastricht Treaty was also signed by a Tory Government, with the arguably less significant Lisbon Treaty in 2007 being the only ‘Blair involvement’.

P. Howard also mentions Nigel Farage. I would be astonished if UKIP were to gain a single MP in the 2015 election. But the people will decide and vote how they choose.

Wharton Road