A RADIO DJ took to the witness stand yesterday to deny she knew a teenager was underage when she had sex with her.

Presenter Emma Stanfield, 40, is accused of knowing the girl was 15 when she is said to have given her vodka to drink and engaged in sex acts with her.

But Stanfield told the Oxford Crown Court jury yesterday that the girl was a liar.

She said that the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had told her she was 16 and only revealed her real age the morning after the incident in May last year.

She said: “She told me she was 16. If you are told something you tend to believe it.”

But she added: “(She) is a liar. She is a dishonest, deceitful person.”

And she said she had no reason to believe she was not 16, adding: “I liked (her) and she liked me.

“She seemed like a girl that was well beyond her years. She drank, she smoked and she talked like a person much older.

“Because of what she had been through in life she seemed like a much more experienced person.”

Stanfield, of Chapel Street in East Oxford, denies three counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child and another of causing or inciting sexual activity with a child.

The court yesterday heard the pair exchanged more than 100 Facebook messages and texts following the encounter.

Stanfield also sent messages to the girl while presenting her show on community station OX105.

But Stanfield told the jury she stopped the relationship on a sexual level when she found out the teen’s age.

She said: “Her birthday was 10 days away. I had no intentions of continuing anything on a physical level.”

Yet she said she had considered continuing the relationship when the girl reached 16, but added: “On reflection I was not in a great place. On reflection I would not have done it the same way.”

She also said she had replied “no comment” to police questions when first interviewed in June because a solicitor had advised her to.

The jury is today due to retire to consider its verdicts after Judge Patrick Eccles finishes summing up the case.

Ending the prosecution case yesterday, Michael Riley said: “She was the adult in this relationship.

“She had the responsibility with regard to their reaction in allowing themselves to become involved with a child sexually.”

But Lucy Tapper, defending Stanfield, said the jury could not rely on the prosecution witness evidence and said it could not be sure her client knew the girl’s age.