COUNCILLORS have accused a housing developer of jumping the gun, after it applied for permission to build a 75-home extension to a 133-house estate not yet built.

Gleeson Strategic Land and JJ Gallagher want to build west of Bellinger’s garage on the A338, Station Road, Grove.

It would extend the developers’ 133-home estate north of North Drive that was given planning permission on February 11.

Grove Parish Council objected to the first application because although the site, Monk’s Farm, is proposed for 900 homes in Vale of White Horse District Council’s draft Local Plan, that has not yet been approved.

Council chairman Frank Parnell said: “We didn’t particularly want development north of Grove anyway, but we felt it was all premature until the plan was approved.

“We feel they are trying to sneak in before the plan is approved. That is what is happening with most developers.”

Gleeson managing director Scott Chamberlin said the Vale’s five-year land supply was “woefully short”. The public can comment on the plan until April 30.